Jacques Duphly - La Victoire

François Couperin - La Princesse Marie

François Couperin - Soeur Monique-Rondeau

François Couperin  -  Les Grâces Naturèles. Suite de la Bontems

Jean-Philippe Rameau - L'Egyptienne  

François Couperin - L’Angelique

François Couperin -  Les Nonetes   

 François Couperin - Les Agrémens

François Couperin - Les Folies françoises, ou Les Dominos

                                                                                                                       Claude-Bénigne Balbastre -  La de Caze  

                                                                                                                       Claude-Bénigne Balbastre – La Suzanne


                                                                                                                       Philip Czapłowski Hanna ( 2018)



Composizioni di perla


Hanna Balcerzak - harpsichord



Over a period of three centuries, starting from the 15th and continuing well into the 18th century, the harpsichord earned

a reputation as the most versatile of all instruments, in both solo and ensemble contexts. The silvery clarity of its sound

and the variety of the subtle colours of its registers were as ideally suited to ornamental virtuosity as they were to elaborate polyphonic fugues. This recital contains solo pieces written by undisputed masters of the instrument: J.S.Bach, D.Scarlatti, A.Soler.

All the pieces display the influence of concertante style, either by adopting aspects of the concerto (albeit in a solo setting),

or by assuming particular expressive characteristics of the genre which enable the composers to present the most impressive technical and sonic qualities of the harpsichord.


Clavier-Übung II

J.S Bach : Italian Concerto and French Overture

Hanna Balcerzak - harpsichord


The recital presents the second volume of the most important of Bach's harpsichord compositions called Clavier-Übung II. The work was published in 1735 and includes  The Concerto in the Italian Style, and the Overture in the French Manner - both expressly intended to be played on a double-manual harpsichord, reflect his mastery of the two main different styles of his time -Italian and French.



The virtuosic settings of arias

for baritone and harpsichord


Jaroslaw Kitala - baritone & Hanna Balcerzak - harpsichord


 The concert’s program represents the repertoire from the renaissance madrigal, by baroque and classical opera to contemporary songs. Its aim is to explore the significance of rhetoric as well as the implications and challenges that come with imitating the voice in its various nuances of colour timbre. Among vocal compositions appear some of the most remarkable solo harpsichord pieces.




C. Monteverdi, J.Ph. Rameau, J.B. Lully, H. Purcell, J.S. Bach,


G.F. Handel, D. Scarlatti, W.A. Mozart



Johann Sebastian Bach & His Sons


The Gajeckie Sisters Duo

Hanna Balcerzak & Aleksandra Gajecka-Antosiewicz



The selection of compositions by the father, Johann Sebastian Bach, and his four sons: Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philip Emanuel, Johann Christoph Friedrich and Johann Christian Bach. The concert performed by sisters on harpsichord solo

and harpsichord - four hands, gives a chance to listen and admire the reflection of the genius of the father and his great sons.

The concert provides a unique opportunity to experience the music that once was created and is now performed by the other family relatives.